Kids Mouthpiece

Kids Mouthpiece

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Introducing the new and improved kid’s mouthpiece built from flexible, antibacterial food grade silicone, that adapts perfectly to the shape of any user's mouth. Built-in micro-channels, simply spread the correct amount of toothpaste evenly over the perfectly aligned bristles.

Designed with a contoured fit and double the amount of individual bristles of up to 1,708, guaranteed to provide an effective clean.

Our mouthpiece comes in two sizes, designed suitable for younger toddlers aged (3-7) and kids aged (8-14). 

  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Offers in-depth, thorough cleaning
  • Food grade quality
  • Soft bristles for safe continuous use

    • How to Use?

      1. Simply remove the current mouthpiece by grabbing it from the bottom, where the mouthpiece meets the brush connecting point and pull out.

      2. Next, ensure the open space located on the underneath of your new mouthpiece slides into the rod.

      3. Push the mouthpiece down to ensure it’s fitted on tight.