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Happi Family Bundle

Happi Family Bundle

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Time to enjoy a more convenient, enjoyable & effective oral care method?

The Happi Brush V2 is changing the way oral care is maintained for both adults and kids! Offering the latest electric toothbrush designed to take control of each individual's oral care!

✔️ Cleans teeth in seconds
✔️ 360° ultrasound brushing effect
✔️ Dentist approved BASS cleaning technique
✔️ Makes brush time convenient, effective & enjoyable
✔️ Leaves users mouth fresh & healthy

How it works?

The gentle vibrations of the individual silicone bristles work to clean all surface areas of the teeth at various angles. Designed to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria buildup on teeth and gums.

✔️ Each of the Happi Brushes features a variety of brushing modes 
✔️ Safety: FDA-approved, designed with extra-soft, premium silicone bristles for ultimate brushing comfort

How to Use:

1. Once fully charged, apply 2-3 small pea size amounts of toothpaste (your choice) to both the top and bottom tray of the mouthpiece.
2. Place the mouthpiece between your top and bottom jaw.
3. Press button to select desired mode.
4. Move brush side to side for optimal results.
5. After brushing just soak, clean to disinfect and wipe dry. 

*Make sure brush is dry before placing it on charge again.


Happi Brush


kids happi brush v2


  • Weight: 110g
  • Micro USB-port for charging station
  • Waterproof Happi Brush