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A toothbrush that gives you cleaner teeth with minimal effort.

  • Can eliminate bacteria in 45 seconds

  • Offers cold light whitening

  • 360° ultrasound brushing effect

  • In-depth cleaning using BASS technique

  • New & improved waterproof charger

Effective Oral Care in just 45 seconds

Happi Teeth's 360° electric toothbrush has individual bristles that can reach even the hardest spots. This means faster brushing, whiter teeth, and a cleaner brighter smile. Compatibility with braces means you will always be smiling bright.

  • Can eliminate bacteria in 45secs

  • Up to 2,068 individual bristles

  • Recommended by world-class dentists 

The closest clean you can get without going to a dentist

  • Noticeable whitening results with cold light whitening

  • Powerful 360° ultrasound brushing & gum massage

  • More than 2,000 bristles that can clean hard-to-reach surfaces

  • Uses dentist approved Bass cleaning technique

The closest clean you can get without going to a dentist

  • Noticeable whitening results with cold light whitening

  • Powerful 360° ultrasound brushing & gum massage

  • More than 2,000 bristles that clean hard-to-reach surfaces 

  • Uses dentist approved Bass cleaning technique

Australia's best 360° Toothbrush

Happi Teeth vs. Competitors

  • Twice the amount of bristles

  • Deeper gum cleaning

  • Double the Vibration Power: 30,000RPM

  • Leaves your mouth fresh & healthy

Efficient 360° Auto Clean

Four modes: Comfortable brushing, Power brushing, high frequency gum massage and cold light whitening. The omnidirectional brushing technique can reach all surfaces of the teeth.

Revolutionary gentle cold light whitening

Blue light bleaching technique that activates the hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent in teeth cleaning products.

We put Safety first

FDA-approved, designed with extra-soft, premium silicone bristles for ultimate brushing comfort and ensuring no abrasion to the teeth. NEW: Waterproof charger included for safer, longer-lasting oral care.

Incredibly simple, incredibly revolutionary.

Happi Brush’s bristles can reach under the gums to scrub off plaque before it even hardens into tartar.

How to use

1. Once charged, apply 2-3 small pea size amounts of toothpaste to the top and bottom tray of the mouthpiece.

2. Place the mouthpiece between your top and bottom jaw.

3. Press button to select desired mode.

4. Move brush side to side for optimal results.

5. After brushing just soak, clean to disinfect and wipe dry.

6. Make sure brush is dry before placing it on charge again.

What's included

  • 1x Adult's Happi Brush Mouthpiece

  • 1x Adult's Happi Brush Body

  • 1x USB Charging Cable

  • 1x Instruction Manual

  • 1x Waterproof Charger


  • Battery running time: 4 hours

  • 100% food-grade premium silicone

  • Weight: 110g

  • Micro USB-port for the charging station

  • Waterproof

To be used in conjunction with normal, regular dentist checkups.


Q:Does the Happi brush also work with braces?

A:Yes it does! The silicone bristles are soft enough to ensure gentle contact with the braces providing no damage whatsoever.

Q:How often should my mouthpiece be replaced?

A:Similar to a normal toothbrush - every 3 months.

Q:What’s the best method of care for my Happi brush?

A:Simply rinse the mouthpiece under water, just as you would do with your regular toothbrush and dry the body of your Happi Brush clean.

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