About Happi Teeth

Happi Teeth for happi oral care! We understand not only how time consuming brushing teeth can be but how boring it truly gets and ineffective it can be! But let's not forget the substantial necessity it contains on a person’s oral hygiene.

Regular toothbrushes aren't that bad?! Traditional, manual and electric toothbrushes are heavily reliant on the users brushing technique and how disciplined they are with it. Even with good technique, because of the geometry of manual/electric toothbrushes and it’s bristles, there will always be areas unreachable!

The Happi Brush was designed for both kids and adults to provide an enjoyable, effective and convenient oral care method. Designed with a 360° electric toothbrush the individual bristles ensure all your teeth are being brushed simultaneously, reaching even the hardest spots. What does this mean?! Well faster brushing times and more importantly, it offers the ability to assist with the elimination of any nasty germs. 

Created with silicone bristles aligned in a 45° angle positioned against the gum line, guaranteeing safe, continuous use with no abrasion unlike nylon bristles that scratch the surface of teeth/gums. The high-frequency vibrations in which the bristles move back-and-forth, allow all plaque to be removed whilst keeping gums undamaged.

We placed a significant emphasis on creating a toothbrush made convenient to each user in the busy lives we live! 

As a company that places our community first, each product has endured thorough, in-depth testing, guaranteeing safe, continuous use.

Take control of your oral care today!