Say goodbye to bacteria the easy way

Less effort for a cleaner mouth

Enjoyable, effective, and convenient Oral Care

Can eliminate bacteria in 45 Seconds

Remove plaque whilst keeping gums undamaged

  • Cleans difficult to reach surfaces

  • Can eliminate Bacteria in 45secs

  • Innovative Design

Keeping Young Smiles Brighter

Great oral hygiene has never been more fun

Kids all over Australia are having fun as they achieve a healthy oral clean before bedtime. The FDA-approved Kids Happi Brush offers a 360° clean using the Bass technique while providing a singalong that teaches kids how to brush.

Safe Flexible Silicone

A brush that adapts to every mouth

Can eliminate bacteria in just seconds, while enjoying a brighter, healthier smile! The Happi Brushes are designed to adapt to every tooth row with an omnidirectional brushing technique that reaches all surfaces of the teeth. The flexible silicone bristles ensure the teeth acquire no abrasion often experienced with nylon bristles. Safe and fun to use & compatible with braces.

What Happi Brushers have to say

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